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February 10, 2011 / puravida2011

Arenal to Cocles

Another day of adventure driving for us. Who needs ziplines when you can get your adrenalina on the national roads for free? Our roads today were not mountainous, but we had a very aggressive driver taking us the first three hours of our trip, passing everything else on the road, sometimes with very little room to spare. The highlight was when we arrived at a line of stopped vehicles extending several miles into the distance. Our driver pulled out into the oncoming traffic lane and continued driving quickly past the stopped trucks and cars, zipping into the break-down lane (off-road, really) when oncoming traffic would show up. He wasn’t the only one doing this. At some point it became clear there was no possible passage on the road ahead so Jonathan called his colleague in another van, who met us on the other side of a river without a bridge, vehicular or pedestrian. So we got out of one van with our luggage and skipped across the river on large river rocks, clambering out on the other side to resume our drive in a different van.
We made it to Cocles without further excitement. Next post will have details about our cabina here and the local towns and beaches…


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  1. Liette / Feb 10 2011 8:35 pm

    Wow… I’m a nervous passenger, I would have HATED that! I kinda thought Andrew drove like he was driving in a rally and it scared the hell out of me, imagine… LOL

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