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February 19, 2011 / puravida2011

Wild horses on the beach

Ever since arriving here we have seen this little herd of horses from time to time, often browsing at the side of the road as we’re biking past. The first time we saw them I thought they had escaped from the field they were near, since the fence was clearly down in one spot. But since then they have shown up everywhere and it has finally dawned on me that they are the wild horses our guide book tells us we’ll be lucky to see. When we arrived on Playa Cocles this morning three of them were also spending the morning walking the beach. They took a break from walking to roll in the sand near us, which was cool to see. They don’t seem especially leery of people and actually walked right up to another group on the beach, checking out their backpacks for treats.
Today has been very warm and dry, with a totally clear blue sky, feeling more like a day on the Pacific side than what we’ve experienced here up to this point. If we were smart we’d be doing all of our laundry and hanging it to dry today, since our prior laundering efforts have taken several days with extra rinse cycles on the line. But it’s too nice a day to spend doing chores…
I walked the full length of the beach at Cocles today, and finally finished the long novel I’ve been reading since arriving here almost two weeks ago. It’s called Revenir de loin, by a Quebecoise writer, about a 50-something woman who wakes from a coma with amnesia and slowly pieces the puzzle of her prior life together again. Interesting reading and it’s been nice to flex my French muscles a bit.
Today’s photos are of butterflies, one cool bird, and a gecko.


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  1. Carmena B. Zimmerman / Feb 24 2011 6:44 pm

    ooh, beautiful photos–all worthy of publication– And the chocolat story. Interesting process- just think of all the groups that would like to see and hear this. You are going to be in great demand.
    Refugio is so beautiful and I love seeing the pictures of you both enjoying the creatures. Do you think a cocoa tree would grow here on the farm if I could keep it warm all winter? Do you think
    a toucan would like it here? How about that little blue and red gecko?? All is well

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